Sofia Appelgren
Founder of Mitt Liv (Sweden)

Can you briefly describe why you started the company?

I had a vision to somehow seize the strengths, motivation and experiences that people bring to Sweden from other countries and cultures, whilst simultaneously creating hope for their futures. You can say Mitt Liv was founded on the belief of equal value of all people and their inner power to grow and develop.

Can you briefly describe the primary purpose of your company and what social or environmental problems you seek to address? 

Founded in 2008, Mitt Liv is a social enterprise dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in the Swedish labour market.  Our work is primarily focused on two audiences; people of foreign background who are struggling to find work equivalent to their competence, and companies/organisations who value a diverse workforce.  Via mentoring and training programs, Mitt Liv provides opportunities for skilled individuals with an international background – who wish to enter the labor market – and organizations and companies seeking diverse skills – to meet and engage.  Companies wishing to embrace the value which greater diversity and inclusion offers, have the opportunity to participate in our mentoring program “Mitt Livs Chans”, engage in our unique partner networks and host guest lectures, as well as other initiatives that raise awareness for diversity and inclusion.  By increasing awareness, knowledge and understanding, Mitt Liv enables employers to see and enhance the value and benefit of employing skilled individuals with an international background.  This in turn opens the doors for the group of job seekers to find employment relevant to their educational backgrounds and skills.

Can you describe how the two bottom lines are connected: how you manage to combine commercial income and social and/or environmental impact.

Mitt Liv is a social enterprise working for an inclusive society and a labor market that values diversity.  We address social challenges with innovative solutions based on profitable business practices.   Our model, which you could compare to the heart of a charity paired with the drive of a commercial business, allows us to maintain a sustainable business without the need to rely on government/council/EU funding.  In this way we can create the durability, strength and sustainability necessary to achieve large permanent changes in equality and diversity in the Swedish labor market.

Furthermore Mitt Liv is a “AB (svb)” company, which ensures that all profit is reinvested in the growth of the business, allowing us to increase our reach and therefore our social impact.

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