Johan Wendt

Founder of Mattecentrum, Kodcentrum, Ung Autism, Curly Bracket (Sweden)

Can you briefly describe why you started the company?

Everything started with me tutoring a neighbors child in math for free. It gave me so much joy. Today Mattecentrum is Europes largest afterschool program with 1 million kids studying for free every month. Kodcentrum I started in the same manner but with coding instead. Ung Autism because a child in my family got the diagnose and there was no help from society. Curly Bracket because I saw a lack of understanding what programming really is about.

Can you briefly describe the primary purpose of your company and what social or environmental problems you seek to address?

All children are getting free tutoring in math and coding. Children within the autism specter are getting free support in their development. All children learn how to think like a programmer.

Can you describe how the two bottom lines are connected: how you manage to combine commercial income and social and/or environmental impact.

Mattecentrum, Kodcentrum and Ung Autism are non profit organizations. Curly Bracket is a company. The goal for me have always been social impact. Income has only been considered as a mean to achieve social impact. In the non profits the income come from sponsors, donations and funds from government and municipalities. In Curly Bracket we have two tracks, one where we sell books, one where we teach kids online for free.


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