Heidi Wang
Founder of Noen (Norway)

Can you briefly describe why you started the company?

When my father had his dementias disease, I experienced the stigma of persons with dementia and lack of proper, health promoting services. I was in my early thirties, had the possibility to engage, became encouraged since I had been looking for a job more meaningful than my existing. Rather than trying to change the existing– the public sector, which I found overwhelming, I decided to address a different path.

Can you briefly describe the primary purpose of your company and what social or environmental problems you seek to address? 

Purpose of Noen is to develop and spred new solutions giving individuals and groups better living conditions by using business methods. During the first years we have been working to change the perception of persons with dementia, by showing their skills and possibilities to keep up roles in familiy and society and remain functional in daily living.

By transforming health promotion into a method and service model for individual health promotion we have been able to help hundreds of persons with dementia and their relatives. And we just got startet.

Can you describe how the two bottom lines are connected: how you manage to combine commercial income and social and/or environmental impact.

We sell prescriptions to private families. For each prescription, six persons are empowered and person with dementia remains healthy and at lower costs. Four relatives stay healthy and need no health service, and as well the person with dementia may stay longer at home. one employee – who former was unlabored due to lack of health, has found his way back to an individually based work.

For more info:

Noen AS

Phone: +47 97 04 22 73

Internet: www.noen-as.no