Admir Lukacevic
Founder of Sports Without Borders (Sweden)

Can you briefly describe why you started the company?

If we want to make a difference in society we need to focus and give the best tools to our kids, tomorrows responsible adults. I started IUG to give all children the opportunity to shape their future beyond their social affiliation limit and avoid a future alienation. By introducing meaningful activities in school and after school we can get every child to be seen and acknowledge, and get them to see the possibilities.

Can you briefly describe the primary purpose of your company and what social or environmental problems you seek to address?

1. Segregation is increasing in society.

2. Children and young people are not seen and acknowledged in early age, leading to low self-esteem and confidence and to achieve and succeed in primary school, get into high-school and later get and find a job. As unemployed it is a major risk that you end up in the destructive circuits and an enormous cost for yourself and society.

3. Lack of education system

Can you describe how the two bottom lines are connected: how you manage to combine commercial income and social and/or environmental impact.

Sports Without Borders (IUG) get children to see opportunities through meaningful leisure activities. Leaders and good role models are recruited by IUG to introduce children for leisure activities during PE lessons at school. In this way, the children and young people dare to try out different sports and attracts them to a meaningful leisure time. By seeing, understanding and praising children it leads them to grow as individuals in school, breaks, after school, evenings and during holidays. That work continues with the children so they are constantly in contact with role models.

IUG has grown rapidly since 2011. In five years IUG has increased its reach with 430% and today IUG introduces 16,000 children and young people in five cities for leisure activities – 2.5% of all Swedish children in 4th-9th grade. The organization has grown from one to eleven full-time employees. This is made possible by growing sales from 800,000 to 5,700,000 SEK, and quadrupled sales to the public sector, from 800,000 to 3,000,000 SEK. IUG’s clients and funding consists among other things of Norrköping, Linköping and Södertälje municipalities, ICA Flygfyren, ICA Maxi Supermarket, Trade and Industry Group Göteborg & Co, Karl-Johan Persson, Roslagens Savings Bank, Stadium AB, SJ, Deloitte AB, Swedbank.

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