Impact Business Index

IMPACT X, The Impact Business Index, provides insight in Nordic commercial companies that have a sustainable solution as their core business. We record, analyze and rate their business based on their financial key figures in combination with how their product solves the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 169 associated targets

Sustainable Market Insight

Registered users of IMPACT X can search, find, benchmark and assess companies with product and services which e.g. decreases climate change, creates a better environment, reduces food waste, expands renewable energy, secures clean water, improves waste management or solves social issues and other global challenges. Hence IMPACT X is a key tool for investors that like to act on sustainable business opportunities. And for decision makers in procurement that would like to find and benchmark the best sustainable solutions for their corporate supply chain.

Impact Business Relations

If you create a thorough profile in IMPACT X you will connect with entrepreneurs, investors, corporate leaders and other professionals in the Nordic market for impact business. An effective way to get new play mates and build strong and valuable relationships with others interested in making a better world combined with business activities.