We research, analyze and rate sustainable growth companies

We match investors and business people with impact companies

We are a leading Nordic platform for impact business and investing

The last three years we have investigated over 7,000 Nordic growth companies (startups and SMEs) with green tech and other sustainable solutions. 

Since 2018 we have produced several unique reports about the Nordic impact business and investing market for Danske Bank and other partners.

We are matching global investors with impact companies based on business criteria. We have all the needed business and impact data about the companies – and tools to help investors to analyze and benchmark the most promising impact companies of our times.  

We have founded The Nordic Impact Business Summit and other main impact business and investing initiatives.

Please contact us for more info: info@impactbusinessindex.com



Richard Georg Engström
Founder & Managing Director
+45 2729 7494


Jacob Trock
Co-founder & Director of Tech & Data
+45 2164 7909